The Beer Bloggers Conference begins tomorrow

Or, as is more likely when you’re reading this, the Beer Bloggers Conference begins today.

Alas, I will not be attending. I had hoped I would have been able to, but the timing of various other events prevented it.

It’s gonna be great, too, I think—even for a first-time conference (where there will be snafus and kinks and the usual birthing pains for this type of thing). There are something like 103 registered attendees and a nice-looking agenda for the three days of the conference and frankly it’s looking way more “together” than I would have expected back in June, when it was announced.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t look to be any sort of live streaming (or even recording?) of the sessions going on, but they of course have a Twitter feed and an “official” hashtag on Twitter to follow, as long as people are tweeting things (of course I can always count on Ashley for that).

Looking ahead, I’m hoping that the next Beer Bloggers Conference falls on a more opportune weekend for me—and how about taking place in Portland (Oregon) this next time around? I think there’s a lot of good possibilities there…

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