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Central Oregon Brewers Guild officially announced

This hit the local news yesterday:¬†Central Oregon Brewers Guild Formed. This could be big: Not only has the Bend and Central Oregon brewery scene exploded (look at the list in the the sidebar, which I try to keep up to date, to see how many we have here—and how many have yet to open), but at the same time we’re geographically¬†more isolated than other parts of the state, so having a local guild that sees … Continue reading →

Sunriver Brewing Company (coming soon)

Bend’s local alt-weekly The Source broke the news today that there will be another new brewery opening up in Central Oregon, possibly by this summer: Sunriver Brewing Company, based south of Bend in the resort town of Sunriver. In what will be about the 15th brewery in the area to receive federal approval to brew, Sunriver Brewing Company plans to open this summer. The owners are keeping extremely silent on the details, and declined to … Continue reading →

Phat Matt’s Brewing

Redmond, Oregon has a new brewery, Phat Matt’s Brewing Company, and by all indications it seems they are open and brewing even now—as it appears that their first beer will be debuting at this weekend’s Bend Brewfest, according to the Brewest’s Facebook post. I had a sneak peak of their business card a month ago: But I was holding off on mentioning them since I didn’t know their timeline, and the brewing equipment was being … Continue reading →

Central Oregon brewery news

Two interesting pieces of brewery news from around Central Oregon for you today: First: The as-yet-to-open Noble Brewing is changing their name to “Good Life Brewing.” Word has it that they were sued—or perhaps only threatened with a lawsuit, I’m not sure—by a California brewery that already claims “Noble” for their name (my guess is Noble Ale Works out of Anaheim). It wouldn’t surprise me if this has been a cause of the delays in … Continue reading →