Sunriver Brewing Company (coming soon)

Bend Oregon BeerBend’s local alt-weekly The Source broke the news today that there will be another new brewery opening up in Central Oregon, possibly by this summer: Sunriver Brewing Company, based south of Bend in the resort town of Sunriver.

In what will be about the 15th brewery in the area to receive federal approval to brew, Sunriver Brewing Company plans to open this summer.

The owners are keeping extremely silent on the details, and declined to release information about the size of the brew system, the identity of the brewmaster, the styles of beers to be produced or the pub’s menu. The owners will keep mum until opening, said Brian Cameron, one of the three co-owners.

“We are keeping the specifics under our hat until then,” said Cameron, whose brother is also a co-owner.

The brewery is moving into a space at the Country Village Mall and will operate as a true brewpub, combining brewery and pub operations at the location. The square footage of the space is around 3,600 feet.

Interesting timing on this news; I had heard about a new Sunriver brewery this weekend when we visited Phat Matt’s Brewing over in Redmond (a spur-of-the-moment visit, met the brewer Josh) who mentioned the new venture. I had done some initial searching online for details about it and had sent an email off to the Village Bar & Grill in Sunriver, asking if they were the operation (since they are moving into a much bigger space to be completed later this spring). I hadn’t received a response, however, and with The Source’s news it sounds like it’s not the Village B&G.

In the meantime, here are a few other tidbits that I dug up while searching:

  • A Facebook post from the 15th (from “Discover Sunriver Vacation Rentals”) that says, “We just found out we’re getting a brewpub that hopes to be done early this summer. It’s Sunriver Brewing Company and will also have food. Can’t wait.”
  • The domain name “” was created on February 12th of this year. (There already is registered a “” that was created back in November of 2009. Both domains point to domain landing pages only.)
  • As far as brewing system size, I’d guess 1 to 3 barrels, based on the square footage number (3600) given above, considering it’s a brewpub that will need kitchen, food storage, dining area, etc. At least up to 5bbl system at most (this source gives 3 to 5bbl systems as needing at least 300 to 500 square feet).

More as I learn about it.


  1. I work in Sunriver and the space they are taking over is the recently closed Bottoms Up bar. It is between Tumbleweed Toys and the Sunriver Store. I dont know any other details, but that is a confirmed location according to signs posted on the building. Its a nice building with a new patio for summer seating and is 2 stories.

  2. Just read about Sunriver Brewing’s new site in the March 2012 Sunriver Scene. Super excited about this kind of establishment going in the newly remodeled building, but not so much about the detail that they are catering to families with really young kids. There are a LOT of potential customers that are parents of teens or older, who are through and done with the romper room restaurants. According to the article, “children’s play area will be visible from 90% of the seats”. YIKES! Please re-think this, or at the very least give a nice part of the restaurant to the 21 and over crowd.

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