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Quick note: Coconut Cream Stout (Bend Brewing)

One of my local breweries, Bend Brewing Company, currently has a Coconut Cream Stout on tap. On Nitro tap, no less. After work today I stopped in and tried it.

For something I wasn’t sure about—I’ve never had a coconut beer of any kind before—it’s quite good. The coconut comes through strong right up front and seems to bring out a creamy chocolate texture to the stout. It’s not the cloying sweetness of shredded, packaged coconut, but the real deal.

The stout itself is a mellow, drinkable dryish stout, moderate in alcohol. It finishes dry and roasty. All around, there’s a nutty character—starting with the coconut, then drawn out in the malts—that’s pretty tasty.

It’s worth seeking out, if you’re in Central Oregon anytime soon.