Pumpkin Beer Week

It’s Pumpkin Beer Week here at The Brew Site—all this week, I’ll be blogging about pumpkin beer in this second installment of Theme Week (where I spend the third week of the month blogging a particular topic).

This should be a busy week! I’ve got a number of reviews, some history, some homebrewing, and (I’m hoping) some interviews to run. Off we go.

One comment

  1. First, dig the blog and enjoy the theme week idea.

    Second, gotta give a shout out to Magnolia Brewing for their pumpkin ale, Barking Pumpkin. It really is good stuff. A nice dark ale that isn’t overly spiced, they also roast the pumpkin seeds and use them to flavor the ale, giving it a spiffy nutty character.

    Unfortunately, they only brew it around Halloween and don’t bottle, so you’ll have to visit San Francisco some fall to try it.

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