Press Release: Redhook Long Hammer Ale Nails Down Taste


Redhook Ale Brewery honors roots by renaming its Redhook IPA to “Long Hammer IPA”

SEATTLE, January 31, 2007 – Redhook Ale Brewery has rechristened its popular bold-spirit, dry-hopped India Pale Ale (IPA) today by officially renaming it “Long Hammer IPA.” Reflecting on everything great that was ever built—transcontinental train tracks, impossible pipelines, soaring skyscrapers—the namesake pays tribute to our predecessors who used a long hammer to break rock and lay rail. With the Long Hammer name, Redhook assures craft brew lovers that its dry-hopped IPA has a taste built to stand the test of time.

“Brewed honoring the laborers before us, but crafted for the tastes of today, it’s only fitting that the hardest working IPA out there take the name Long Hammer,” said Redhook President Dave Mickelson. “It’s the IPA we believe consumers will reach for again and again, drawn to its distinctive hoppy aroma and bold drinkability.”

Long Hammer IPA is a strong, hard-working hoppy beer that’s defined by its one-of-a-kind taste of cascade hops. Originally called “Ballard Bitter” after one of Seattle’s hardest-working neighborhoods, the beer later became known as Redhook IPA. Long Hammer is a brass-colored craft beer featuring a bitterness of 38.5 IBU, alcohol by volume of 6.51 percent and original gravity of 1.06 degrees plato. Long Hammer is particularly enjoyable with grilled meats and spicy entrees.

After a long, hard day, today’s 8-to-5ers can now pay tribute to the long-hammer laborers before them as they call for a “Hammer” at the bar or when at home. Long Hammer IPA is currently available in 12 Western states on tap and in local grocers.

About Redhook Ale Brewery, Inc.
Redhook is an independent brewer of craft beers, producing eight styles of beer marketed under distinct brand names: Redhook ESB, Long Hammer India Pale Ale (IPA), Redhook Blonde Ale, Blackhook Porter, and its seasonal offerings, Copperhook, Late Harvest Autumn Ale, Sunrye Ale and Winterhook Winter Ale. Redhook brews its specialty bottled and draft products exclusively in its two Company-owned breweries, one in the Seattle suburb of Woodinville, Washington, and the other in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Company distributes its products through Craft Brands, a network of wholesale distributors, and a distribution alliance with A-B. Redhook beer is available in 48 states. Visit to learn more about Redhook and its products.

For more information or samples, contact:

Julie Norton, 503.331.7267
Redhook Ale Brewery

Mark Baker, 503.471.6844
Edelman for Redhook Ale Brewery

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  1. Heh. I’ve got a couple bottles of Long Hammer in my fridge right now. It’s a good, accessible IPA.

    ‘course, I’m mostly a huge fan of the inaccessible IPA, where if I don’t feel like I’m suckin’ down a pint of grapefruit, I look to the heavens and cry out for "mo’ hops!"

    Seriously, I have yet to meet my match against an IPA that I would consider too bitter. Sadly, I was back in Minnesota when Deschutes released Hophenge unto the world.

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