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Prepping for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference #cbc15

Jon and I are preparing to attend the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference (CBC or #cbc15 from here on out) that officially runs Tuesday through Saturday. We plan on attending under media credentials and trying to cover everything we can, but if you’ve seen the events this week, that’s impossible. I’m not sure how much Internet connection we will have at the hotel or convention center (or frankly, time to stop to post), so posts may be thin until we get home and decompress. I do plan on taking pictures and sharing through other social media channels (Instagram, Twitter) and making sure I try to keep as up to date with retweets and the event through my eyes as it’s happening.

We started pre-gaming on Saturday, as Jon informed me that Boneyard was hosting Beavertown Brewery at Velvet Bend. I knew this was something we had to attend, even with learning about it less than an hour before the start time.  When we got there, Velvet had just opened and we went to the upstairs bar and Jon got a beer or two. I believe he first got the Appleation Bramley Apple Saison and next tried the Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange IPA (in a can since there was some issues with how the taps were pouring at that moment, they were fine a short time later). I also made sure that a taste of the Heavery Water Imperial Stout was poured so he got almost a full line up of the London Brewery’s beer. I tasted the Apple Saison and it was really good. Fruity and a nice saison character that wasn’t too in your face. Very smooth.  I did not try the Blood Orange IPA as Jon said it was hoppy and it would not be to my palate. He enjoyed it. The Imperial stout was good, but even Logan Plant (the owner) said it could use some aging. Both Logan and Jeremy are quite nice and offered to show us around their London Brewery if and when we could make it over. 🙂

@beavertownbeer at @Velvetbend. Come on down for a taste of London #cbc15 #cbc2015 #inbend

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We met a great brewer and his wife from Alabama’s Salty Nut Brewery and I’m glad to see several posts/twitters/Instagrams of attendees of the CBC make a trip down to Bend the weekend before and sample some of our Central Oregon Breweries and Beers.

I’m excited to attend and I hear this is an amazing conference. At first glance, I do find it overwhelming, but Jon and I have sketched out our “wants” and “will attend” and during the day, that shouldn’t be a problem. The nighttime is going to be a great time, no matter what you can attend because the Breweries of City of Portland are gracious hosts and there are events every single night no matter where you will be/end up either for the public or CBC attendees.

See you around #PDX!