PR for Magners Irish Cider

I get various press releases and such sent to me, most of which I run, but they’re always about beer. But today, I got one promoting Magners Irish Cider. I’m out of the cider loop, so even though it’s a typical PR piece, it was interesting enough for me to comment on it.

Here’s the meat of it:

This year, many Americans will be picking up the Irish tradition of drinking Magners Irish Cider "over ice."

Magners is the only hard cider imported from Ireland and has a crisp, refreshing taste. Often referred to as the "wine of Ireland," Magners is less filling than beer, more refreshing than wine, and not as sweet as artificially flavored malt beverages. Additionally, Magners is 100% naturally Gluten free, providing refreshment for over 3 million US consumers who cannot drink beer.

Magners is made from juice derived from 17 varieties of apples which are grown in Clonmel, Ireland, and specifically chosen for cider production. Magners has 4.5% alcohol and only 215 calories per pint bottle. Magners is now available in over 20 states in pint bottles, draught and 11oz bottles. A pint bottle will run anywhere between $5.50 and $7.00.

The interesting points to me:

  • The "only hard cider imported from Ireland"—is it really? Is there much in the way of Irish cider in general?
  • Gluten free, which I can see being a big selling point (though all cider is/should be gluten free).
  • 17 varieties of apples(!).

Perhaps I should start checking out the cider segment of the market.

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  1. We purchased a bottle of Magners Irish Cider, this was stored in the fridge for 30 mins, when removed and placed on the work top it exploded resulting in an injury to my husbands leg, it’s exit points were in 2 places 1 at the neck of the bottle the 2nd at the base the top stayed intact, I have photo’s of the bottle and injury please could you contact me as soon as possible, my home phone no 01684311982

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