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Playboy’s best beer list

Via Appellation Beer today comes this pointer to this article on of their picks for the ten best microbrews in America. It’s a decent list, but like all such lists, is entirely subjective. Props to including a Deschutes Brewing beer, though. :)

Figure anything from Playboy is NSFW, although the feature itself is perfectly tame. But, in case you don’t want to risk it, here are their ten best beers:

  1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  2. Prima Pils
  3. Ommegang Abbey Ale
  4. Boont Amber Ale
  5. Sierra Nevada Porter
  6. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
  7. Tröegenator Double Bock
  8. Samuel Adams Utopias
  9. Alaksan Smoked Porter
  10. Mirror Pond Pale Ale