Oregon BrewFest 2009: My picks (what I would drink)

The Brewfest started today! The parade kicking off the Fest started at 11:30, and beers are pouring. Looking over the impressive list of beers for this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, I can’t help but make a list of what beers I’d go after. Generally speaking, I’d start with the lighter beers and work my way stronger/darker (attempting to preserve the palate, you know).

  • Watermelon Wheat (21st Amendment): I’ve been underwhelmed by this beer in past years—not enough watermelon for the hype, I feel—but it seems to consistently win “people’s choice” at the Brewfest, so maybe I’m missing something.
  • Razberry Wheat (Cascade/Raccoon Lodge): Super-popular and tasty.
  • Razz Wheat (Vertigo): New kids on the block, be an interesting side-by-side with Razberry Wheat.
  • Festina Peche (Dogfish Head)
  • Organic Acai Berry Wheat (Eel River)
  • Clackamas Cream Ale (Fearless)
  • GoldyHops (Amnesia): I’ve yet to sample any of Amnesia Brewing’s beers, and this one sounds interesting.
  • Hibiscus Ginger Beer (Caldera)
  • Crazy Ivan (Bear Republic)
  • Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale (Boulevard): You don’t see Boulevard Brewing’s beer around here too often, and this is supposed to be a good one.
  • Saison Christophe (Collaborator)
  • Coconut Brown Ale (Kona): Yet another coconut beer to try…
  • Bald Peak IPA (Golden Valley)
  • Flower of the Gods (Lompoc): A half dozen or so hop additions before the boil?
  • Flashback Anniversary Ale (Boulder Beer)
  • Double Oregon Hefeweizen (Laurelwood)
  • Festivale (Terminal Gravity)
  • Old Man River Oatmeal Stout (Riverport)
  • Bitter Bitch (Astoria): This beer has a bit of a cult following, and I’ve heard good things about it.
  • Alphadog Dog Imperial IPA (Laughing Dog)
  • Double India Pale Ale (Standing Stone)
  • KGB (Widmer): I’m a little surprised Widmer didn’t brew a beer specially for the Brewfest, as they have in the past, but I’ve never had their Russian Imperial Stout so it’s okay.

Of course, it’s not an absolute list, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. If you get a chance, drink some of these for me, and tell me about it!

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  1. You go on ahead, go up there and pay five bucks a pop for ten ounces of hot beer in a plastic cup – I’ll stay ere and enjoy a cold sixteen of Ten Barrel Summer Ale.

    Go on, stop reading this comment, go to “Metro” Oregon, drink hot beer.

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