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Oregon BrewFest 2009: Busier than ever?

Today is likely the busiest day of the Oregon Brewers Festival, and I just read on Twitter that they are expecting to run out of mugs today(!)—and they’ll hand out plastic cups at no charge. And if you bring an old mug on Sunday, they’ll fill that up for you (but on Sunday only).

Apparently on Thursday, just following the parade to open the Brewfest, Mayor Sam Adams had the honor of tapping the ceremonial first keg of the Fest. And he broke the mallet doing so! There’s a video of it here.

Meanwhile, Matt Dolman over on My Beer Pix has been posting great photo updates throughout the Fest; Bill at It’s Pub Night already has a first look post up, with some quick-n-dirty reviews; and Jeff is hosting an open thread on his blog for it.