Oregon Brewers Festival 2005

The other day my wife pointed out that this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival is from July 28 through 31… the last full weekend in July, as it always is. What makes this notable is that it’s the first last full weekend that we won’t be celebrating my son’s birthday—he was born a week earlier but we always have the party on the weekend, which usually falls on the same weekend as the Brew Fest.

Follow me so far?

So this year, there are no conflicts. I don’t know if I’m going yet, but it’s the first time in years that I’ve had the option, and if I make it, it’ll be the first one in five years I’ve actually been to.

I’m hoping I can get there. If I do, then I’m going to take my digital camera and a notebook and take copious pictures and notes about the beers I taste and the festival itself. Maybe even blog it daily, depending on internet availability.