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OBF Countdown: Other sites’ advice

Jeff at Beervana has a good Preview post up. I swear Jeff knows more about the OBF than anyone else I’m reading online… I think he must keep each year’s beer list in Excel or something. If you don’t know what kind of beer to try, Jeff’s guide should be considered mandatory. You won’t go wrong with it.

I rather liked this list of 10 Easy Steps to Enjoying the 20th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival on the Portland Metroblogging site.

2. Don’t linger in the beer line – seriously – there is a huge amount of space in the area – it’s not that hard to get back in line once your cup is finished. Don’t crowd the lines while you’re standing around drinking and socializing.

8. Check out some of the vendors – I’d always kind of ignored them before, but last year we bought awesome handmade wooden beers steins that you can’t get anywhere else in Portland.
9. Get out of the tents – this kind of goes with #2 – but if you’re standing really close to where they pour the beer, it’s going to seem overly crowded – but there is really a lot of room.