OBF Beer Recommendations (Saturday)

Oregon Brewers FestivalToday is the third day of the Oregon Brewers Festival and if you’re planning on heading down to the Park to attend today, here are some beer recommendations to look for:

  • Buzz/Sour Tent: Get there early, because the OBF tweeted that it’s going to run dry some time this afternoon. Check out what’s pouring right away, and watch the twitter feeds (@OBFBuzzTent, @OBFSourTent).
  • Electric Beer: Straight-up, solidly brewed Kolsch with a nice hoppy presence.
  • Widmer Smooth Cream-N-Ale: Actually I’m not sure if this is still available, because I noticed blue masking tape on the sign yesterday. If it is, grab it!
  • Occidental Kellerbier: Crisp, fresh, zippy, go for a full pour.
  • Double Mountain Goliathon: Basically a Belgian Barleywine, the strongest you’ll find outside of the Buzz Tent, and very drinkable.
  • Russian River Row 2 / Hill 56: The “new Pliny the Elder”! Okay not really, but this is a really, really good almost-IPA. Go for the hops.
  • Dunedin IPA Chronicle: Despite the keg troubles yesterday (and I didn’t get to taste how it truly it), check this out both for the Florida origin and the insanely high IBUs (125).
  • Oakshire 25: Very good, unique without going crazy. Full pour of this one.
  • Exit 16 Wild Rice IPA: Among the best of the IPAs you’ll taste all day.
  • Peach Trippel: Solid, solid, solid, maybe the best fruit beer.
  • Gigantic Dyn-O-Mite!: Fantastic Imperial IPA, very fresh and very big, and hits all the sweet spots for IIPA.

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