The next Session: Auditing beer

The next Session for March has been announced—it’s number 73, and in fact it’s the anniversary (month) of the very first Session post which took place in March of 2007!—and it’s being hosted by Adam at Pints and Pubs: “Beer Audit.”

I’m interested to know if you take stock of the beers you have, what’s in your cellar, and what does it tell you about your drinking habits. This could include a mention of the oldest, strongest, wildest beers you have stored away, the ratio of dark to light, strong to sessionable, or musings on your beer buying habits and the results of your cellaring.

Should be interesting to see what other people do with their beers! I know I have a bunch of stuff squirreled away that should be opened up at some point.

Friday, March 1 is the day: write your post and leave a comment on Pints and Pubs pointing to your contribution.