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Molson Kick

Molson unveils new lager with a different type of kick – caffeine:

Molson Canada announced Sunday that you’ll soon be able to buy a beer with a different kind of kick – caffeine.

Molson Kick is a lager that will contain guarana, a South American plant that’s a natural source of caffiene.

The beer will be available throughout Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada beginning March 21 and in the Atlantic provinces on April 1.

It will be marketed in what the brewer calls "a sleek, fast chilling aluminum bottle," as well as cans.

Molson says the 355 ml aluminum bottle chills faster and is lighter than a glass bottle.

A couple of things about this. Guarana is a fruit, so I wonder if it will impart a fruit quality to the beer—not that there’s anything wrong with that, but fruit and lagers aren’t usually paired together. And the aluminum bottle actually sounds more newsworthy (to me) than caffeinated beer. Anyone seen any of these yet?