Miller’s 150th

Wow, Miller Brewing Company (grrrr age check nonsense) is going to be 150 next month. That’s impressive. The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about Miller, and I found this timeline on a TV station’s website, oddly enough.

I didn’t know Miller High Life has been around since 1903…

When Frederick J. Miller bought a defunct brewery in 1855 on a plank road on the western outskirts of Milwaukee, the city was already full of German immigrants and there were many established local breweries.

What turned Miller into a regional and then national player was a combination of good genes, hard work, luck, and a commitment to quality, historians say.

In 1903, the company unveiled High Life, called "The Champagne of Bottle Beer." The image appealed to a rising American leisure class and sales soared, even at a premium price.