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McMenamins Ruby Ale is turning 26

One of McMenamins‘ most popular beers, the raspberry-infused Ruby Ale, is turning 26 on Wednesday the 21st and they are celebrating company wide with a number of specials all day including:

Ruby was first brewed on March 21, 1986 at the Hillsdale Brewery & Public House—the first McMenamins location. As an interesting bit of trivia, Ruby was the 67th batch to be brewed, and apparently the original recipe was extract-based (which makes me wonder how much of those first beers brewed were extract?).

These days it’s all-grain, of course, and brewed with 42 pounds of Oregon raspberries (pureed) in each batch. It’s a light 4.39% abv and is, well, pink. Or pink-ish.

And in addition to the above company-wide events, you might find an individual location doing something special with Ruby as well. Such as:

26 years. That’s longer than most craft breweries have been around!