March Theme Week musings

March is surely one of the most popular beer drinking months (along with October, I would imagine), largely because of St. Patrick’s Day. And since the beginning of Theme Week this months falls squarely on that day, March 17th, one possibility for the Theme is Irish Beer.

Of actual Irish beer styles, that would be Dry Stout and Red Ale, though I could likely make a good part of a week exploring the variations in Guinness alone.

Another Theme Week idea that occurred to me is devoted to the beers of Lakefront Brewery. Back in November when I was doing Pumpkin Beer Week, Lakefront generously sent me not only their Pumpkin Lager, but an eight-pack line-up of their other beers. Needless to say, writing about those beers will occupy at least a week, so why not make it a Theme?

This doesn’t mean, of course, that if I get sent a bunch of beers that I’ll automatically promote them to a Theme Week or some other "feature" status other than reviewing them as I review other beers. Doesn’t mean I won’t, either. I suppose we’ll file that under "editorial judgment."

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  1. I think a week of Guinnesses would be a great idea! You could compare and contrast widget can, widget bottle, and nitro draught. You could even do the Guinness Bitter Draft can if you can find it. Or Harp or Smithwicks or Kaliber if you run out of the Stout options.

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