The Little Woody 2012 beer list

The Little Woody beersHere’s the current beer list for this year’s Little Woody taking place in Bend this weekend. This is just the beer, stats, and brief description by brewery; go read the full descriptions (yes, they’re worth it) over on the main page.

10 Barrel

  • Imperial Pray For Snow aged in Brandy Barrels: 8% ABV, 60 IBUs
    An Imperial version of their annual winter warmer aged for half a year in brandy barrels.
  • Whiskey Barrel Big Black Stout: 6% ABV, 55 IBUs
    Rich stout aged for 9 months Heaven Hills Whiskey barrels.

Bend Brewing

  • Oak Aged Wicked Medicine: 10.7% ABV, 22 IBUs
    A Belgian Strong Ale was brewed with cherries and raisins and fermented with a Belgian Abbey style yeast, aged for a year in stainless steel and 3 months in a French Pinot Noir barrel.
  • The Raven Baltic Porter: 9.8% ABV, 30 IBUs
    Baltic Porter aged in stainless for 3 months, and then an entire year in a Heaven Hills Bourbon barrel.
  • Sexi Mexi: 10% ABV, 25 IBUs
    Brewed in collaboration with the Homebrew Chef, Sean Z. Paxton, with cayenne, ancho chili, and cinnamon, underscored by nuances of orange peel, vanilla bean, and dried fruit.

Block 15 Brewery

  • Super Nebula, Imperial Stout: 11% ABV
    2011 vintage matured in the rare rediscovered white oak Bourbon barrels managed by Buffalo Trace Distillery, dating 1989, 1991, & 1993.
  • Framboise White: 7% ABV
    Belgian inspired white ale matured in 12 months in Chardonnay barrels with locally grown organic golden raspberries.

Boneyard Beer

  • Suge Knight: 14% ABV
    Imperial Stout aged 1 year in a Heaven Hill oak Bourbon barrel.
  • Experimental IPA: 6.5% ABV, 60 IBUs
    This beer was aged for 11 months in a Heaven Hills oak rye Bourbon barrel using experimental hops and hop oils.
  • Funky Bunch: 6% ABV
    This sour beer was the bronze medal winner at the North American Beer Awards in 2011. It is aged on new french oak chips and Brettanomyces with fruit.

Brew Wërks

  • Schizophrenic Stout: (at least) 7.1% ABV
    NW style stout aged in Oregon spirit distillers bourbon barrels.

Carlton Cyderworks

  • Trapper Hard Cyder: 6.9% ABV
    After fermentation is complete, the cyder is transferred to used whiskey barrels for months of additional aging.
  • Citizen: 6.75% ABV
    Citizen is a blend of cider apples, primarily Dabinett, Chisel Jersey and Porters Perfection, with aromatic heirloom apples such as Jonathan and Macintosh.

Cascade Lakes Brewing

  • Barrel Aged Silverback Imperial Stout: 8.5% ABV, 65 IBU
    Brewed with 10 different varieties of specialty malts ranging from Black malt to Flaked Barley, this Imperial Stout was aged for six months on Bourbon barrels from the Heaven Hill Distilleries located in Bardstown Kentucky.

Deschutes Brewery

  • Pinot Twilight: 5% ABV, 38 IBUs
    Twilight Ale aged for a month in Domaine Drouhin French Oak Pinot Noir barrels.
  • Plum Line Sour Beer: 5% ABV, 15 IBUs
    This light body brew is infected with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and Lambicus in oak casks. Italian Tart Plum was added to complete the roundness of the sour flavor and to add a hint of color.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

  • Kentucky Christmas: 8% ABV, 70 IBUs
    This began its life as Abominable Winter Ale laid to rest in freshly emptied Heaven Hill Kentucky Bourbon barrels where notes of vanilla and spice mixed with citrus and caramel.

GoodLife Brewing

  • Jam: 6.5% ABV, 18 IBUs
    Their Pass Stout aged in a wine barrel with 30 pounds of marionberries used per barrel with a hint of oak from the aging in Syrah Barrels.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

  • Whiskey Brown: 5% ABV, 17 IBUs
    Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown aged in a McMenamins Hogshead Whiskey barrel for 3 months. The beer was then cold conditioned for another 8 months.
  • Olde World Barrel Aged: 5.7% ABV, 20 IBUs
    Old Ale put into a whiskey barrel for 3 months and then cold conditioned in keg for 3 more months.

Ninkasi Brewing

  • Oatis Oatmeal Stout: 7.2% ABV, 50 IBUs
    Aged for 5 months in Heaven Hills Whiskey Barrels for 5 months
  • Renewale 2012 – Porter: 5.9% ABV, 38 IBUs
    Each year Renewale is something new and special to enjoy, with this year’s being a Robust Porter that has been aged in a Heaven Hills Whiskey Barrel for 5 months.

Oakshire Brewing

  • Bourbon Nutcracker: 8.5% ABV
    An Imperial Gingerbread Porter aged for 6 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel.

Silver Moon Brewing

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Demolition Man: 10% ABV, 80 IBUs
    Demolition man is our take on a Pacific Northwest Strong Ale aged for six months in a freshly emptied Oregon Spirits Distilling bourbon barrel.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Hazelnut Coffee Darkside Stout: 7% ABV, 55 IBUs
    This thick, bittersweet stout is blended with roasted hazelnuts and local Backporch coffee. Aged for six months in a second use Heaven Hills bourbon barrel.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Orange Darkside Stout: 7% ABV, 55 IBUs
    This thick, bittersweet stout is blended with roasted cocoa nibs and sweet orange peel. Aged for six months in a second use Heaven Hills bourbon barrel.
  • Boyz in the Wood Barrel Aged Blend: 8.5% ABV
    Making a return to Little Woody for a second year! Boyz is an aggressively flavored blend of three of Silver Moon’s finest ales. The blend includes one third Hound’s Tooth amber ale, one third Hop Fury IPA and one third 2010 bourbon barrel aged Old Trainwreck barleywine.

Three Creeks Brewing

  • Terry’s Special Bitter: 4.3% ABV, 35 IBUs
    This sessionable special bitter is packed with earthy malt character from imported Maris Otter malt with Mt. Hood and Golding hops providing balance and a pleasant woody hop flavor and aroma, TSB is a touch of England with a Northwest twist.
  • Deja Voodoo Pinot Barrel-aged Imperial IPA: 10% ABV, 80 IBUs
    Most of the components of Hoodoo Voodoo IPA, with a few extra goodies thrown in: 25lbs of hops and 13lbs of dry hops, aging in a Pinot Noir barrel for 9 months.


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