Liquid Solutions

I’ve briefly mentioned Liquid Solutions in passing in the past; it’s one of the best online beer stores out there—indeed, it’s one of the only beer stores that I’ve found online. (Which, in this day of ubiquitous ecommerce, you’d think there would be more of…)

Liquid Solutions has an impressively large inventory, and carries mead, wine, cider, and more (not just beer). What helps is they also have a physical store location—here in Oregon, natch. I haven’t been—yet—but having a brick-and-mortar as well as a good online presence allows them to do some cool things like their vintage auctions.

Plus, they offer an affiliate program (which ultimately is the point of this post). Affiliates can link to products on the Liquid Solutions site and if a purchase is made, they get a commission from the sale—much in the same way that the affiliate program works. I’m pleased to announce that The Brew Site is now a Liquid Solutions affiliate.

What this means is that on posts where I’ll review beer, I’ll also be directly linking to the beer (if available) on Liquid Solutions, to give the option of purchase. And at some point I might be building out an online "beer store" with LS affiliate links, but that’s down the road—if it happens at all. For right now I’ll just be playing around with the program and seeing how much it might generate.

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  1. If you are looking for another great online beer store check out the Malt & Vine They also have a physical location in Redmdon, WA. They rent jockey boxes, have 5 taps in house, will fill growlers, and have weekly tastings on Friday. The best bottle shop in the Washington State.

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