Latest print article: Thowback Amber Ale from Three Creeks Brewing

Three Creeks Throwback Series Amber Ale

My latest print article for the Bend Bulletin is out today, and I talked about the new Throwback Series of beers from Three Creeks Brewing as well as delving into the American Amber Ale style: Three Creeks starts Throwback Series with an amber ale.

Three Creeks has opted for nostalgia over exotica with beers focusing on retro styles that hark back to the early days of American craft brewing — their Throwback Series.

Head brewer Zach Beckwith likens the concept to a “liquid time machine,” a chance to reintroduce drinkers to some of the styles that helped shape the industry.

“It’s kind of this idea of rather than chasing all these trends, we wanted to kind of take a step back and throw it back to where it all began,” he said.

The brewery plans to release four beers in the series this year: an amber ale, American wheat, American pale ale and amber lager. Beckwith aims to brew these beers as authentically as possible.

It’s a fun concept and something I’d like to see more of, myself. Incidentally, the “brettanomyces fermented peanut butter ale” example I mention at the beginning was a quote from brewer Zach Beckwith. Another one that didn’t make the article that I liked: “To me, the whole point is, if it’s a great beer, I want to lick the glass and pour another.”