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Latest print article: Monkless Belgian Ales and their witbiers

My latest article for the Bulletin here in Bend is out today: Monkless witbier spices things up. It’a a bit of an overview of Bend’s Monkless Belgian Ales, with more of a deep dive into their two witbiers: Shepplekofeggan and their Peppercorn Imperial Wit, both of which are in cans right now.

Peppercorn is the more interesting beer to me, because it’s rare that you run into an “imperial” wit. It’s also the more popular of the two, possibly in part because it’s more eye-catching in that regard. One thing you have to watch out for in beers like this is the coriander—too much and the beer can take on a ham or meaty character. Monkless solved that issue by using a four peppercorn blend to compensate.

It’s a fun beer to try. Go read the article, then swing by the brewery and pick up some cans of the Peppercorn!