High Street Brewery

This short review of the High Street Brewery & Café in Eugene, Oregon, caught my eye and sounded interesting. Opened in 1988, it’s apparently Eugene’s first microbrewery since Prohibition.

And while other brew pubs have come and gone since the mid-1990s microbrew craze, High Street Brewery still stands thanks to its savory brews and comfortable atmosphere, which remains a sublime alternative to the hard-drinking, male-dominated sports bars that dot the city.

The pub sits inside an early 1900s house at 1243 High Street. From the curtains shading the antique windows right down to the vintage rugs adorning the worn wood floor, the furnishings add a rustic touch to the already well-preserved structure, and the resulting ambiance is categorically laid-back.

In other words, it’s a perfect McMenamins type of brewery. I’ll have to look it up if I’m ever in Eugene.

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  1. That’s a great place – it’s near 13th Ave. on High st. (hence the name…). It’s got a cafe-like style with an outdoor patio out back. It’s really comfortable, especially for a nice summer lunch!

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