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Heineken Premium Light

Tonight, as promised, I drank the Heineken Premium Light from the press kit I was sent, and I am writing up the review. The premise, of course, is that this is a low-carb beer (with only 99 calories) that still maintains the full taste and smoothness of a "regular" beer.

Let’s cover it all. I like the bottle and labeling; less is more in this case. The labels are transparent stick-ons, so while not painted onto the bottle, still look good. The bottle itself seems taller and thinner than a regular Heineken bottle, but I’m comparing from memory so might be off. Good packaging, it’ll catch the consumer’s eye.

Appearance: Crystal clear in the glass. Pale yellow with a tinge of gold, and a fizzy white head on the top.

Smell: A little corn, a bit grassy. Has that crisp-bitter aroma I associate with the Euro light lager. No skunkiness (hey, I worry, the bottle was green).

Taste: Crisp and a little bitter (like the smell). The bitterness has that almost-steely quality to it that I also noticed in the Skinny Dip I had a week or so ago; perhaps it’s a characteristic of these newer low carb beers? Hops are muted. It’s richer and better than an American light lager, that’s for sure.

Mouthfeel: Very thin, a little watery. Carbonation is a bit high—it comes off as sparkly or prickly in the mouth.

Overall, it’s not bad, but I think you need to be into the light/low-carb beer scene to really get into it. If you like Heineken, or Euro light lagers, you’ll like this. Personally, I’ll drink it, if offered, but I likely wouldn’t be buying it for myself. But that’s not a slam against Heineken; I wasn’t overly impressed enough with Skinny Dip to buy that again, either.

Finally, I’ll post the press release that came with the press kit as well, sometime this weekend.