Beer for hay fever

I don’t know, this just sounds kind of funny to me: a beer that cures hay fever. Brewed with honey and pollen, it supposedly builds up your immune system to the pollen or something, I don’t know. But this was the funny part:

"I don’t suffer myself but a regular who does really swears by it. He denied that it was just an excuse to drink more."

Dan Bardsley, 42, a hay fever sufferer, has been won over. "I have been told that honey from local bees can help but I don’t really like it on its own. But put it in a beer – now you’re talking. I really think it is making things easier."

Er, right. I’d deny it was an excuse to drink more, too. "Now you’re talking." :)


  1. Nice! I’m a seasonal allergy sufferer, and had heard the same about using local honey. Didn’t occur to me to drink a local honey-beer…

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