Halloween Week: Beer trick or treats (okay, PR beers I’ve received)

Halloween WeekEven though these beers and this type of post isn’t really a Halloween thing, receiving beer is sort of like trick or treating so I thought I’d include them in Halloween Week, what the heck.

The first is a six-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale. You may remember I ran the press release a while back about Newcastle’s "Holiday MAN-ual" for apparently clueless men around the holidays. Here’s the beer I received:

Newcastle Brown Ale marketing 6 pack

The MAN-ual excerpt I received contains, among other things, a recipe for a "Beer-nog Shooter": fill a clear shot glass half full of Newcastle, and float eggnog on top of that. Then shoot it. I don’t know, it sounds interesting.

I’ll be writing up my thoughts on Newcastle Brown sometime soon.

The other recently-received PR beer is Redhook’s Double Black, for which I posted the press release here. For this one I received a single 22-ounce bottle and—get this—a bar of Dagoba dark chocolate. Trick or treat indeed!

Redhook Double Black PR bottle

I’m thinking the proper way to review this one is to pair it with the chocolate.


  1. Newcastle is definitely my favorite beer. It has a lot of flavor but is easy to drink a fair amount of. Basically it’s tasty with a low level of aftertaste.

  2. I like to start my friends off with a New Castle. You can’t go wrong. They are willing to try it because they have heard of it. More often than not, they enjoy it. I love English Ale.

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