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Gluten-Free Week: How to review?

How does one review a gluten-free beer?

This might seem like an odd question; anyone who’s poked around my site for a little while knows that in my reviews, I favor the tasting-notes approach, and try to go for an overall impression of the beer.

The heart of any beer review comes down, essentially, to one thing: did I like it?

But with gluten-free beers, I think there’s another question to answer: would someone who has Celiac disease like it?

That’s a pretty loaded question, no doubt. How about: If they want to drink “beer”, would they be satisfied with it?

So for these gluten-free reviews, in addition to the “beer review”, I’ll venture an opinion on how well it hits the mark for “beer” from that perspective (and try not to sound arrogant while doing so).