Gear and Gadgets Week: Past bloggings

Gear and Gadgets WeekI’ve blogged a few things in the past that belong in the "gear and gadgets" category, so I thought I’d dig them up and point to them again.

Haier BrewMaster Beer DispenserBack in 2005 I pointed to the Haier BrewMaster Beer Dispenser ( link—the original Best Buy link isn’t working because BB is apparently down as I write this)—a roughly-portable mini-fridge kegerator. Only $720.04 on Amazon right now! (Still drooling, a little bit.)

Beer-pouring robotClever but extravagant: the beer-pouring robot (2006). It was available in Japan only at the time; I never really followed it to see if any ever showed up in the U.S.

(Come to think of it, I think there’ve since been some American-built robots…)

Double-walled beer glassesAlso in 2006, I took a look at some double-walled beer glasses:

They’re clever and all—made from "borosilicate glass, used to make scientific lab gear, the heat-resistant glass weighs less than traditional glassware, but is actually stronger"—but myself, I think I’ll just stick to my regular pint glasses and mugs and such.

Probably too clever for their own good.

Way back in this blog’s ancient history I posted a handy beer color chart, which shows hues in Lovibond units:

Beer color chart

And finally, there was the examination of the concept beer table:

Beer table concept

I noted at the time that it just doesn’t seem very practical; too much of a conversation piece.