Press Release: Full Sail Brewing Rolls Out New Package Design

Full Sail Brewing Company announces the release of its new product packaging that will hit retail shelves in mid-March. "We changed the packaging to better reflect the culture of our brand," said Irene Firmat, Full Sail’s founder and CEO. "As an independent employee owned company located in an extraordinary place, we wanted to convey a message of creativity and craftsmanship. Although our look has changed on the outside, inside you’ll find the same great tasting beer."

The concept was designed by Steve Sandstrom of Sandstrom Design, Inc., Portland, Oregon. "The relationship between a beer label and the consumer is about as intimate as it gets," explained Sandstrom. "While advertising tries to speak to as many people in a target audience as possible, a beer label speaks to one person holding a bottle. We have tried to make this relationship a totally pleasant experience. Beyond the distinctive brew contained within, this bottle gives the consumer a piece of history, a lot of detail, a few legalities, a little shimmer, a touch of art, a beautiful execution, and a bit of surprising humor in the voice of the brand. That’s a lot in a small space."

The familiar "full sail" is the center point of the new logo, flying full and white. "The sail is part of the DNA of our brand," commented Firmat. "It’s considered the single most important visual link to 18 years of brewing history." The wood grain and stringers reflect the workmanship of vintage board sport design and are a natural backdrop for the Northwest brand. The typography is a merger of new letterforms with ancient German type – a metaphor of old German beer influence and new brewing inspiration. Von Dutch and the art of pin-striping inspired the delicate border treatments that add detail and a craftsman’s touch.

Using regional art is prevalent in Northwest craft brewing culture. Each beer style features a vintage postcard on the carrier and on the neck label. The brewery’s flagship, Full Sail Amber, will retain its green color and features a postcard of "Castle Rock". The blue Pale Ale package showcases a postcard of Mt. Hood and its reflection in a mountain lake. Rip Curl changes to orange and has a postcard from "Agate Beach". The newly released seasonal, IPA, sports yellow tones and a snapshot called "Gateway to the Pacific".

The independent and employee-owned Full Sail brewery is perched on a bluff in Hood River, Oregon, overlooking the most epic wind and kite surfing spot in the world. At this very moment 47 specialists in the liquid refreshment arts are crafting barley and hops into your next beer. The Full Sail crew has been fermenting godlike nectar since 1987. Their award winning brews are now available in fifteen western states. The Full Sail Tasting Room and Pub is open seven days a week. Swing by for a pint, grab a bite, tour the brewery, or just soak up the view.

Contact at Full Sail: Sandra Evans
Phone 541-386-2281