Flying Dog PR (six-)package

Friday I received the latest promotional package from Flying Dog: six beers highlighting the new Kerberos Tripel release, the new Canis Major 4-Pack container (containing one each of their Canis Major series, of which Kerberos is one), and two additional beers that won awards at this year’s World Beer Cup.

For those keeping track at home, these are the beers that came in the package:

  • Kerberos Tripel
  • Gonzo Imperial Porter
  • Horn Dog Barley Wine
  • Double Dog Double Pale Ale
  • Old Scratch Amber Lager (World Beer Cup winner)
  • Wild Goose IPA (World Beer Cup winner)

(The Wild Goose is from their other brewery in Maryland.)

Here’s a photo of the package:

Flying Dog PR 6-pack

I can’t think of a brewery doing more right now to create a grassroots buzz than Flying Dog; they’re really putting the effort out there. Naturally I’ll be writing about these beers in the coming days.


  1. How can one apply to get on the list for promotional packages? Can beer bloggers get promo packages or are they strictly for the print publication writers?

  2. Chipper Dave-

    My name is Neal Stewart and I am the Director of Marketing for Flying Dog. We send out promotional packages to the best and most active craft beer blogs.

    Once we see a great beer blog that is adding to the beerblogosphere on a consistent basis, we start to proactively send stuff out.

    Of course jumping on Blogger and jotting down a few thoughts and beer reviews doesn’t quite qualify. If you have a blog, let us know and we would love to get you on the list.


  3. Thanks Neal. I’ve been sampling your Flying Dog beers on occasion as I see them a lot here in Colorado. I admit, I wasn’t ready for some of your beers a while back when I first sampled them but plan on revisiting many of them again. Love the Scottish Ale in particular. Your Gonzo Imperial Porter is tasty and packs quite the punch. Your IPA goes well with cheese I’ve found. I have one left in my cooler and think I’ll drink it tonight. My blog is linked to my name above.

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