European Beer Festival 2008

I received an email pointing to the European Beer Festival site (that goes to the English version; they have it in several languages). Looks good; from September 12th through 14th this year, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it looks basically the same as many other beer festivals: buy your tokens, one token per sample, etc.

No idea what beers they’ll offer and from whom, yet, but they do say:

Beer festivals throughout Europe tend to concentrate on their national products. However that’s not the situation in Denmark. Our beerfestivals provide a large variety of national and imported beers from most countries in Europe – and the guests love them all.

Our goal is to present up to 140 Danish and International exhibitors serving beer from 450 different breweries at the festival – more than any other festival in Europe.

This event will be completely unique with a range of more than 2000 different beers.

Impressive. Anyone want to buy me tickets to Copenhagen in September?

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  1. This is the trip to Denmark you cant miss. Come and visit europe’s most multicultural beer country

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