Economics: Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator

Here’s a little beer-economics gem: Bill at It’s Pub Night has flexed his Javascript chops and written a “Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator” that lets you select what size package someone is selling beer for, and how much, and it will tell you approximately how much you would be paying if you were buying a six-pack at that price.

For instance, the $10 22-ounce bottle of Abyss would cost you $32.73 per six-pack. Or the $4.75 cheater pint of Widmer Hefeweizen you bought at a restaurant? $26.31 per six-pack.

Interesting way of looking at these things. Of course you can work out the per-six-pack cost of homebrewing, too: select “12 ounce bottles or cans” for “in quantities of” 48 (an approximation for a decent five-gallon batch) and the price you paid for the ingredients. For $30, that would work out to $3.75 per six-pack. Pretty good deal.