Deschutes Brewery’s new website

Deschutes Brewery launched their new website at the end of last week, and not only is it much better (and more up-to-date) than their last one, but it also incorporates a lot of the "Web 2.0" stuff that I wish a lot more breweries would adopt.

Mainly, blogging; you can visit the Brewery’s new blog here. You’ll notice they’re also going full steam ahead with Flickr, Twitter, and delicious (on the blog), and they’re staying on top of their "What’s On Tap" feature that I really like.

Even better: "What’s On Tap" for the Bend and Portland pubs have RSS pages! That means you can follow them in your favorite RSS reader and get automatic updates when new beers get added to the tap list. That’s the Brewery Killer App that every brewery site needs. RSS for Bend is here, RSS for Portland is here.

Disclosure: I am actually now working for the company that developed and hosts the Brewery’s website; and yes, I’ve done some of the work on it myself. The ball was already rolling on it when I started there, though, so I can’t take any real credit for much other than gruntwork.


  1. My wife and I are from Bend. We’re retired educators who are now living in Tucson, Arizona. One of our favorite new places in Tucson is called 1702 (, and it is the best in providing some wonderful brews. One of the owners (Austin) would love to showcase your new "Dissident" brew. How about it? These 1702 people are the best!

  2. Hey there — I was doing a vanity search on our brewery-in-planning (Fullsteam; your post has the phrase ‘full steam ahead). Anyway, I’ve noticed Deschutes’ move to embrace so-called Web 2.0 technologies. Me likely, and we’re doing some of it on our site (

    Question: I like Deschutes’ Twitter update roll more than the one I’m using. Do you happen to know the widget or plug-in the site uses?

    Good stuff.


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