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Colorful Beer Week: Final thoughts

Wrapping up another Theme Week with some stats and musings…

By my rough count, here’s the breakdown of colors that I’ve reviewed here (including this week’s):

Amber 2
Black 3
Blue 4
Brown 4
Gold(en) 4
Green 1
Red (incl Crimson) 5
White 3

Most of these are colors you’d pretty much expect—especially if they’re tied to styles (reds, ambers, browns).

Doing a quick survey of more unusual colors, "purple" shows up only ten times (according to BeerAdvocate). Here’s a few more (searching BA):

Not that much of this means anything; it’s like I said at the beginning of the week—it’s whimsical.

Probably my favorite colorful beer name (at least, the one that keeps popping into my head) was Rogue‘s Yellow Snow Ale. Of course, you won’t find that anymore—that’s now known as their Juniper Pale Ale.