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Central Oregon Beer Week events, Thursday, May 24

Central Oregon Beer Week continues, with more great events lined up for today, Thursday the 24th.

And in addition to the events below, the GETIT Shuttle will be running a special service from 4 to 9pm tonight between breweries and venues for a fantastic deal:

To help keep the party groove moving right along throughout the evening, GETIT Shuttle will be offering shuttle services between CO Beer Week breweries and event sites. $5.00 per rider gets you a pass for as many rides as you need between spots during shuttle hours. Shuttle riders can also enter a raffle via Facebook/Twitter for a “beer-tastical” mystery prize!  Please give a little lead time when you call for a ride so your pilot can keep everyone moving the best he can during the busy night. To order up your ride, call or text GETIT Shuttle at 541-610-6103.



And of course if you want to participate (even if it’s a tasting, beer specials, or something else you might otherwise think is minor), feel free to submit an event anytime!