CDA Week: Three Creeks 8 Second IBA (mini review)

Cascadian Dark Ale WeekThis past weekend, we traveled over to Sisters to have lunch at Three Creeks Brewing and thinking of CDA Week, one of the beers I ordered was the 8 Second IBA (India Black Ale). This was one of their first beers on tap when they opened (and was the first CDA style of beer that I know of brewed in Central Oregon) and is described on their website thusly:

This unique style is truly an original creation. Dave started with a big IPA, darkened up the malt package on a whim and went crazy adding more than 2 lbs of hops per barrel. This dark, bullish creation is sure to please anyone that’s willing to ride.

I first (and last) tried 8 Second when I first reviewed Three Creeks, back in 2008. Here’s my one line note from then:

8 Second IBA: “India Black Ale”—Good, unusual. More “black” than an IPA in body (i.e. lighter/thinner), but nicely hoppy and worth another look whenever I go back. 6.6% ABV.

The previous time (or two?) we’d been back before this weekend, I want to say the 8 Second had been removed from the regular lineup, so this weekend it was on as a seasonal/specialty beer. Which was serendipitous. However, I only wrote (another) one-line review:

More chocolatey and fruity with clean bitter profile. (Brown with hops)

Helpful, huh? It’s a well-done beer but not as intense as Widmer’s Pitch Black IPA, with more of a rounder, smoother flavor profile.