The Session #71: Brewers and Drinkers

Today being the first Friday of the month (and of 2013) means it’s time again for The Session! This month’s topic is brought to us by John at The Home Brew Manual, and he’s come up with Brewers and Drinkers: Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and … Continue reading

The next Session: Brewing & Drinking

I’m late pointing this out, but the January Session was announced a few weeks ago, and it’s being hosted by The Home Brew Manual with the topic “Brewers and Drinkers,” exploring the relationship between drinking and brewing your own beer: Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and … Continue reading

Today is Learn to Homebrew Day

Today is “Learn to Homebrew Day,” a day of education and beer established by the American Homebrewers Association back in 1999 dedicated to helping people learn to brew their own beer. All around the country (and even in a few other countries!) there are Learn to Homebrew events being held … Continue reading

Big hops homebrew

I’ve been doing a good amount of homebrewing lately—three batches within a week of each other—and while some of that brewing is earmarked for specific purposes (helping some people out), I brewed up a big batch of beer for myself this past weekend: an insanely-hopped Imperial Red Ale. The idea … Continue reading

Gluten-free homebrewing

A friend asked recently if I could brew a gluten-free beer for her sometime: a porter since she likes dark beers. Naturally this got me to thinking about various gluten-free (GF) brewing options for homebrewers, and I thought it might be useful to record some of my (initial) thoughts. Commercially, … Continue reading

Homebrewing pumpkin tips

Via my Google News alerts, I found this article that offers tips for homebrewing with pumpkin. Nothing too earth-shaking, but I thought it was interesting and there are a couple of points of note: The author recommends “small cheese pumpkins” as the best variety to use: a variety also called … Continue reading

Hop Press: Crafting a fresh hop ale

Over on my Hop Press blog today I’ve posted about my latest homebrewing undertaking: brewing up my first-ever fresh hop beer. Part of the challenge, of course, is figuring out exactly how much of the hops to use when they’re still wet (as opposed to the known quantities for dried … Continue reading

Pumpkin beer recipe time again

It’s that time of year when people are starting to think about brewing pumpkin beers, and for the past month six of the top 10 search results to this site are for variations of “pumpkin ale recipe” (for which I am still is the #1 result on Google for that … Continue reading

Central Oregon Homebrewers Spring Fling

The Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization‘s annual Spring Fling homebrewing competition is coming up in a few weeks, on Saturday, June 4th. It’s the only official BJCP-sanctioned competition in Central Oregon, and COHO does a good job putting this on. The usual competition rules apply: two unlabeled bottles and $6 per … Continue reading