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Cascade Lakes Brewing has two fresh hop beers in bottles this year

Cascade Lakes Brewing out of Redmond, Oregon brewed two fresh hop beers this year, and on Friday they sent out a press release detailing them: Sizzle Juice Fresh Hop IPA and Frog Water Fresh Hop IPA. Both beers are available both in bottles and on draft, and they were pouring at Saturday’s Sisters Fresh Hop Festival.

Frog Water in particular was brewed with 100% local ingredients as a benefit beer to raise awareness of the Oregon spotted frog, which is a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act. (Also the second fresh hop benefit beer from Central Oregon this year!) From the press release:

The first brew is Frog Water Fresh Hop IPA, a 100% local farm-to-bottle fresh hop beer. Cascade Lakes partnered with Discover Your Forest and the Forest Service to produce this seasonal beer that benefits the education, conservation, and restoration of Oregon spotted frog habitat. This seasonal release has fresh Cascade hops from Cascade Hop Farm in Tumalo, Oregon and Mecca Grade Malt from Madras, making this beer 100% Central Oregon.

“What an amazing cause and what a delicious Fresh Hop IPA! We are proud to donate $500 to Discover Your Forest to increase awareness and restoration needed for the habitat of the Oregon spotted frog,” said Chris Justema, Partner and President of Cascade Lakes Brewing Company.

“The creation of this beer represents a great coming together of some of the conservation objectives for water in this basin by shining a light on habitat restoration needs for the frog in the Deschutes basin, while supporting local agriculture. It embodies the win-win we are collectively striving for. It is awesome having Cascade Lakes as a partner in conservation!” said Jason Gritzner, Forest Hydrologist and Watershed Program Manager for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests.

Frog Water is 6.5% ABV and 70 IBUs.

Sizzle Juice is their other fresh hop beer this year, returning for the third year in a row:

The second seasonal release is Sizzle Juice, another fresh hop IPA with 100% whole cone wet hops grown in Oregon. Each painted bottle is packed with Simcoe hops from Doug at Sodbuster Farms and Cascade hops from Tim “Sizzle” Sisney, a Central Oregon local. “Our friend Tim started growing hops a few years back and had so much success that we decided that team Cascade Lakes and Tim should join efforts resulting in a beer named in his honor. Sizzle juice has a floral aroma and mild bitter finish that is available just once a year.

“This is the third year we have produced this wet hop ale and it never disappoints. The hop trip is worth the effort year after year,” says Justema.

Sizzle Juice is 5.8% ABV and 37 IBUs.

I had the chance to sample these a couple of days before the Fresh Hop Festival, at the Columbia Distributing trade show. I quite like them both, as aromatic and brightly flavorful entries in this year’s overall fresh hop lineup, worth seeking out—though I believe Frog Water has largely been localized to Central Oregon (as well as having a limited bottling run).

We are at peak fresh hops right now for beers coming out so get them while you can.