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Canned Beer Week: Caldera Pale Ale

Caldera Brewing in Ashland, Oregon, currently produces two canned beers: their Pale Ale and IPA. It was the first microbrewery in Oregon to can its beer, and it may be the only one; I’ll do some research on that. I reviewed their Pale Ale back in September; my overall remarks:

Hoppier than I expected—still fighting "can prejudice" I guess—and a nice flavorful beer. Slip a few of these amongst the PBR and see what happens.

Not knowing what to expect when I first opened it up, it was an enlightenment. It’s weird but I honestly find it tougher to take a beer seriously when it comes in a can… I suppose this is the indoctrination of years of exposure to mass-market canned macrobrews. Even as I opened the Caldera Pale Ale, there was the lingering doubt at the back of my mind.

Rest assured, it’s a good beer, definitely worth seeking out if you need to undergo a little "can therapy."

Since 2005, Caldera has been canning this beer, and they give a litany of reasons:

• Cans are simply a better package than a bottle
• Cans completely block out sunlight which erodes a beer’s flavor
• Cans are fully recyclable
• Cans chill quicker and keep the cold longer
• Cans are lighter in weight
• Cans are now lined to avoid any metallic taste
• Cans are easy to store
• Cans don’t break
• Cans are easier to construct pyramids and model airplanes from

I won’t speak to that last option, but I’ll definitely have more to write about that list.

BeerAdvocate gives Caldera Pale Ale a grade of B+. RateBeer scores it at 3.27 out of 5, in their 66th percentile.