Budweiser American Ale promotional package

I am awash in promotional beers and materials. Today I received the Budweiser American Ale package from Anheuser-Busch—it’s their first ale brewed, ever, under the Budweiser label. I’ll be running the official press release too, but first I wanted to post the pictures of the package. You see, it wasn’t just a sample of beer.

Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Ale box

A rather large box, clearly segmented in two sections. Weighty, too. So I opened it up to find…

Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Ale promotional package

Nice. Some serious quality packaging here; all custom inserts, and as you can see, not only including the new Budweiser American Ale, but also two bottles of original Budweiser and a promotional glass for each beer: an "imperial pint" style for the ale, and a, well, pilsner-y "lager" style for the lager.

You can see the logo on the ale glass, but what you can’t necessarily see here is the raised-lettering logo work on the lager glass. Very cool, I have to admit.

Budweiser Ale


I’ve reviewed original Budweiser before, so instead be on the lookout for a review of their American Ale soon.

Update: I reviewed the American Ale here.


  1. Wow. Impressive package there – I wonder if the product itself will impress as well or fall flat.

    Looking forward to a review in the future!

  2. I’m a homebrewer but Budwiser (not bud light) is one of my favorite commercial beers. Sure, there’s better out there – matter of fact, there’s lots better out there! But in my opinion, there is nothing better for the money if you just want to sit down and enjoy a good beer.

  3. I hope it’s a good beer. There can never be too many well-made American beers and what a turn for the better if the King of Megaswill actually used their power for good instead of evil.

  4. Someone’s stealing your picture for their ebay listing. Beware if you purchase on ebay if anyone has this picture. It is being used without permission

  5. THE BIG LIE!!!! Budweiser used to be American. It didnt need to be labeled American, it WAS American. Now that the Dutch own it, they need to label it American.

    What a FRAUD!!!

  6. yo, dont you know that budweiser fucking sucks, it is possibly the worst fucking beer around, and everybody drinks that shit like water. hmm i wonder why, MAYBE CAUSE IT TASTES LIKE WATER. when will the people of america get some good tastes. were a country that shovels crappy hot dogs in our mouths and even crappier beer. If you want a good "american" beer, try dogfish head, or stoudts, or sierra nevada.

  7. shirteesdotnet wrote:
    "THE BIG LIE!!!! Budweiser used to be American. It didnt need to be labeled American, it WAS American. Now that the Dutch own it, they need to label it American.

    What a FRAUD!!!"

    Hey Einstein, Anheuser Busch was bought by a Belgian company, not Dutch. And the appellation "American Ale" is nod towards the style, not an attempt to fool geniuses like you into thinking it’s something it’s not.

  8. My hubby stopped drinking AB beers nearly 9 years ago; he says none of them have any flavor or body. When amber bach came out, he tried it then promptly said it was the same old goat pi$$ with brown coloring. He is going to try this new beer, but he is still skeptical saying that the company has totally lost touch with the tastes and flavors that "real" beer drinkers enjoy. I guess time will tell whether the product is a bold ale or just another pilsner beer in disguise.

  9. It WAS American. Now that the Belgians own it, they need to label it American.

    What a FRAUD!!!"
    and a TRAVESTY

    time to drink Schlitz…..

  10. Where can I buy the promotional package? My son is a Budweiser collector and I’d like to buy this for him.

  11. Tried for the first time a couple a weeks ago at a local fest, and was pleasantly surprized. excellent taste and flavor that you expect from a Ale. I have been all over Europe and this stands stand up there with the best.

  12. I didn’t want to like it knowing that a bigwig Com was backing it. But for the price it definitely gives Sam Adams a run for their overHopped Money

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