The Relaunch

Welcome to the relaunch of The Brew Site as a blog! When I originally started this site, I had a grand plan to build it into the premier site and directory for beer and brewing-related information online; however, real life intruded and I never properly had the time to implement those plans. What I’ve since found more manageable is blogging. So, this relaunch.

Things might be a little rough around the edges for the next few days, so bear with me.

Time permitting, I will re-activate some of the original features I had planned:

  • A comprehensive, searchable directory of breweries and pubs, both with websites and without
  • A searchable directory of other beer-related web sites
  • An events calendar, searchable, with the ability of users to input their own events

Some of this stuff I even have built out—and some had been previously active, like the brewery listings, although very much in beta. I’m sure all the search engines have that stuff cached, and will cause me no end of grief…

Stick around! This relaunch might be going somewhere…

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