Breweries’ historic buildings

The Lost Oregon blog is starting a “Beer and history” series that looks pretty interesting:

Many, if not most, of our local breweries and drinking establishments are housed in older buildings just by the fact that rarely is a new brewery built from scratch because let’s face it, most older buildings have an existing personality, architectural touches, good location, and good bones. As I’ve sat at many a bar and sipped on a cold one, I’ve often visualized the building in its previous life – Storefont? Office building? House of ill repute? Haunted by a 1920s flapper girl? [Ghosts are always romantic figures like a scorned lover from the 1920s that threw herself out the window. How many junkies that OD’ed on smack in a flophouse stick around to haunt the place?]

This seems like it could be an interesting subject regardless of where the brewery is located, but being it’s an Oregon-themed blog, naturally it’ll only cover the Oregon breweries.

The first one featured is Widmer’s Gasthaus.