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Breakfast beer

At one point when I was homebrewing more, I was dreaming up ideas for what would make a good breakfast beer. Something that could actually be enjoyed once in awhile with (or for) breakfast, like mimosas or Bloody Marys. A fruit beer, or a lambic like Lindemans Framboise are the obvious styles to come to mind, but how about something more creative?

It seems to me that such a beer should have some weight to it, some body and flavor, something like a hearty breakfast should be. If you’re going to drink a light fruit ale, then you might as well stick to champagne; a breakfast beer should offer more.

Let’s cover some brewing possibilities:

The beer I envision is something like an oatmeal milk stout. Possibly with fruit and/or honey. Done right, a tall pint of this could be the meal in itself. I think you’d want to try to keep bitterness to a minimum and shoot for a sweeter, maltier profile, but that might just be me.

Now, as to what types of beer would be appropriate with breakfast, that’s a different post…