Short review of Bend Brewing Company

Yeah, this is a short review of the Bend Brewing Company. I haven’t really reviewed our local breweries much because frankly, it’s been a good while since I’ve been to any of them and drank some serious beer. We made it to Bend Brewing tonight because I had some gift certificates left over from Christmas.

Bend Brewing is probably my preferred brewery here in town, not because they have the best beers (that distinction goes to their distinguished competition, Deschutes Brewery), but because they have the best brewpub atmosphere, in my opinion. And good food. The decor is mostly hardwood with outdoor sports memorabilia on the walls, like antique skis and snowshoes and such. During the summer they open a small patio overlooking the river, which is great seating if you can get it.

The food was good, though the portions are huge. That’s not a bad thing; I brought half of my red snapper burrito home, my wife brought most of her chicken cordon bleu. I also like their fish and chips a lot, but since I’ve been watching what I’ve been eating lately I decided to be good and avoid the deep-fried dinner.

Usually I’ll order one of the regular ales, Outback Old Ale, which for me is the best of the bunch. Tonight though I tried two of their seasonals: Barcelona Amber and German Hefeweisen.

The Amber is one they brew for a relatively new restaurant in Downtown Bend, called (appropriately enough) Barcelona. The description claimed it has carmel and nutty flavors, but I thought these (if they were there) were overpowered by the hops. It’s a decent amber, a little lighter than I would expect, but the hop bite was surprising. Not bad, but I got more of an altbier impression than an American style amber ale. Worth ordering again.

The Hefeweisen was a hefe in the true style—light, yeasty, fruity, tart. Not really any clove or banana that I could discern, there was more of a tang from the sourness. It wasn’t bad, and I’m torn as to whether I’d order it again. They also stuck a wedge of lemon to the glass, in the style of the American hefeweizen that Widmer perfected, but doesn’t really fit for the German style. Overall, not terrible, worth a try. The Amber was better, for me.

Next time I’ll order their taster tray, to get a sense of how their regulars are faring these days.

Contact info

Bend Brewing Company
1019 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-1599