Bend beer news from Brewpublic

The good folks over at the excellent blog Brewpublic have been in Bend recently: not only did they publish a blog post about Bend Brewing yesterday, but they completely scooped me today’s posts about Boneyard Beer (I’ve been drinking through a growler of their “Black 13” beer the last couple of days) and “More Bend News“:

In other Bend area news…it was confirmed through a city employee that New Belgium Brewing has applied and been granted a permit to start a production facility in Bend. According to sources, the facility will be used mostly for canning the Fort Collins, Colorado based brewery’s beer. This news came to Brewpublic when the permits were just approved, meaning that this project is still in a very early development phase.

The Bend area can also see two other new breweries coming its way. Also in early development stages, Bend can expect Noble Brewing and Copper Mountain Brewing to open facilities some time in the next year. If this happens, we may consider voting for Bend as Beer City USA in the next Charlie Papazian poll.

Color me both chagrined and intrigued.

Hey Angelo and Margaret… next time you’re in town, shoot me an email and let me buy you a beer!


  1. It is regretfully that I was informed by New Belgium that there are no plans to go forward with a facility in Bend. The rest, however is a go. We’d love to have a beer with you anytime! Same goes for you if ever in Portland. Angelo

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