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Received: IPAs from Coronado Brewing

Beer sent and acquired today from Coronado Brewing out of San Diego was three bottles’ worth, two of their latest seasonal Imperial IPA, Sock Knocker, and the third another of one they previously sent, Stingray IPA. I can already tell you the Stingray IPA is quite good; I have high hops for the Sock Knocker as well.

The Session #108 Roundup

Cheers to everyone who participated in this month’s edition of The Session! Here’s the roundup of contributions; I believe I have listed all of them, but if there are any I missed please leave a comment below. Nick over at relates a time over a decade ago when he was traveling home for Christmas on the German autobahn and got snowed in overnight—in the car! Fortunately he had a beer with him, a Berlin … Continue reading →

The Session #108: Snowed In!

This month I have the honor of hosting The Session, our beer blogging first Friday event, for which I have suggested the topic — Snowed In! which you can read about here — and which I will also be collecting all the contributions for a round-up blog post so we can see what everyone is posting about. I gave an open-ended topic and asked everyone to write about whatever they wanted, as long as the theme … Continue reading →