Took the weekend off to travel down to Ashland to take in a play and just generally relax. We did visit Standing Stone Brewing Company and I had their samplers (no meals), but I notice that southern Oregon generally doesn’t have much in the way of breweries. The other one in Ashland is Caldera Brewing, but they’re a brewery only, no outlet other than dock sales. And there’s really nothing in Medford to speak of.

So the trip turned into more of a winery trip, and that was pretty good, too. Other than that, it was a nice weekend off… we had the laptop, but I mostly avoided getting online except for a couple of times.

I’ll be posting my photos and review of Standing Stone in the next day or two. Back to it!


  1. Huh? What about Walkabout Brewing in Central Point? I loooove the Working Man’s Ale… hope they are still around!

    Glad you had a nice trip! 🙂

  2. Uh… well, I missed that one! Shoot!

    I can’t believe I did that… they’re gonna revoke my beer card for sure… 🙂

  3. Caldera is one of Oregon’s best breweries. I wish they had some kind of tasting room. Or maybe they do. Dunno. Standing Stone was, a coupla years back, fine, but not stellar. Improved?

  4. Standing Stone is pretty middle-of-the-road. They have a nice facility, and beers are fine, but not stellar (to borrow a phrase).

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