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A(nother) week in San Diego

My year-end was spent in San Diego for the second time this year; how was yours?

It was a bit of a last-minute trip. When we visited in June, it was to attend the baby shower of my sister-in-law and see them (her and my brother) before their first baby was born. We had talked about doing a post-Christmas trip to see the baby, but had ruled it out until the very last minute.

So, the day after Christmas we packed up everything and the next day (Sunday) we got up really early and drove to San Diego.

In one day.

Which is not really a trip I recommend two days after a major holiday.

But while we were there, I was able to squeeze in a couple of beer-related things—of course! We visited Pizza Port Carlsbad (one of the most decorated breweries at the GABF this past year, as well as winning Large Brewpub and Brewer of the Year), and I was able to sit down for a little bit with someone you may have heard of: Greg Koch of Stone Brewing.

I’ll have a write-up of that visit over on my Hop Press blog this coming Saturday, and I’ll post some extra notes (think of them as “special features” on a DVD) here on this blog shortly thereafter.

I’ll post my review of Pizza Port Carlsbad this week too. So far it’s my favorite of the Pizza Ports I’ve visited (the other thus far being Solana Beach—haven’t been to San Clemente yet).