Advent Beer Calendar: Day 8: Weeping Radish Christmas Doppelbock

Weeping Radish Brewery's 2005 Christmas DoppelbockToday’s beer is not only a seasonal, it’s also the first 9% alcohol-by-volume beer brewed in North Carolina since the state raised it’s alcohol limit from 6% this year: Weeping Radish Brewery‘s Christmas Doppelbock.

The BeerAdvocate reviews don’t really apply here, as they were for the previously 5.8% alcohol Doppelbock… but of that, it scored a commendable 84.

You may not find this beer outside of the Eastern Seaboard, but you can order it online: 12 12-ounce bottles for $34.99, or $36.99 if you’re west of the Mississippi River, with $7.95 shipping. However, even though their website says they use SSL encryption for the order form, I’ve just tested that out and the order form is not on a secure page. I’ve emailed them about this, but for now, if you try to submit your credit card, you’ll be doing so at your own risk.